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Optional 8” Spindle and Cutterhead for M652R Multi-Moulder and Router

M652R Multi-Moulder and Router

With its new 8" spindle option, Mikron’s M652R horizontal spindle moulder with vertical router just got better.

Say goodbye to cutting tight curves in segments and piecing them together. Mikron’s new 8" spindle option allows you to cut a tighter radius in a single piece, in one run, saving you precious production time and hassle. That translates to more profit making its way to your bottom line.

Lighter, more versatile

Mikron has solved the problem of the cutter head diameterthat can distort the profile by hitting the wood too soon. This revolutionary new lighter 8" spindle uses a hardened, anodized aluminum cutting head that allows it to retain its 4" diameter. The result: tighter, cleaner profile on the radius piece and radius cuts for precision circular, elliptical, windows, curved crowns and more with ease.

The new 8” spindle is also safer for the operator than using an 8" shaper.

Versatility that’s first in its class…

Mikron’s new generation of multi-moulders are the only moulders that can produce curves and straight mouldings with one setup, with no additional hardware or add-ons required. Changeover time for the 8" spindle option is less than 5 minutes.

Mikron’s 8" spindle option includes:

• 8" spindle with hardened, anodized aluminum cutting head
• spindle assembly that slides easily into M652R for quick changeover