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M652R Multi-Moulder & Router

Elliptical / Arch Forming Rack Machine

M645 Multi-Moulder

R200 Rosette Maker

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Elliptical / Arch Forming Rack Machine

Multi Moulders: M645 & M652R
Rosette Machine: R200 Rosette Maker


Innovative. Productive. Flexible. Key words that you need to associate with the powerful equipment manufactured by MIKRON for the woodworking industry. Using state-of-the-art CAD software, MIKRON's engineers design, develop and build these productivity tools, followed by extensive testing which ensures every machine does what it is intended to do... "work hard and consistently".

MIKRON has recently released two newly patented machines: the M652R Multi-Moulder and Router, and the R300 Large Size Automatic Rosette Maker. These new machines are built strong, just like their predecessors, the patented M645 Multi-Moulder and R200 Automatic Rosette Maker, which have been industry favorites over the past few years. In fact, some woodworking shops and cabinet makers have acquired several of each machine to keep up with increased production demands.

Versatility. That's another key word you need to associate with MIKRON's woodworking machinery. All machines are manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of woodworkers and cabinet makers everywhere. MIKRON's skilled employees, precision manufacturing processes, creative solutions and proven track record provides the strong background for developing effective ways of approaching challenging tasks, and moving new ideas to the customer's production line.

Founded in 1995, MIKRON is backed by a steel fabricating operation that has been in business since 1964. Under the leadership of Ron Arbuthnot, the MIKRON Team is dedicated to producing superior quality machines. The 12,000 square foot manufacturing facility is equipped with such advanced machinery as CNC lathes, computerized drill presses, brake presses, cutters and saws, grinders and all forms of welding equipment. This provides MIKRON with the ability to do all manufacturing in-house, maintaining optimal quality control at all times.

With a no-nonsense approach to product development, MIKRON's engineers ensure the end product is practical, functional, efficient, safe and cost-effective. The MIKRON Team works hard to find solutions for their customers and are constantly looking for new methods to improve their products. Quality Control ensures all machines measure up to the highest standards before they leave the facility.

You are invited to contact one of MIKRON's knowledgeable and friendly staff to answer all of your needs, or you can visit our Request Info page.

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