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The MIKRON R200 Automatic Rosette Maker

R200 Rosette Maker
R200 Rosette Maker

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Production capacity is what drives the MIKRON R200 Automatic Rosette Maker, and producing up to 500 rosettes per hour with this powerful tool is a cinch. Productivity. Portability. Reliability. Keywords that are synonymous with the MIKRON R200.

Produces Up To 500 Rosettes Per Hour!


The MIKRON R200 Rosette Maker is a handy solution for the woodworking shop requiring a small, transportable, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Small enough to be taken to the job, rugged enough to produce large quantities of rosettes, the MIKRON R200 Automatic Rosette Maker is designed with accuracy and reliability in mind. Easy to set up and operate, the MIKRON R200 uses standard rosette cutting heads and can produce up to 500 rosettes per hour.

Wood blanks are simply stacked in the hopper, the cutting head is aligned and the rest is left up to the MIKRON R200. The feed mechanism will line up the blanks, the cutting head will produce the rosette and a piston mechanism will eject it into a container.

Like the MIKRON M645, the MIKRON R200 is made of high quality steel and precision manufactured to need little maintenance, while providing efficient, cost-effective solutions to your rosette production requirements.


  • automatic loading and clamping
  • hydraulic feed
  • handles 2-1/2" to 5" squares
  • high speed cutter (7500 rpm)
  • automatic high speed ejection
  • uses standard rosette corrugated 2-knife cutting heads 2-7/8" diameter or 3-1/2" diameter included by Mikron at no charge.