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Customer References

MIKRON Woodworking Machinery is pleased to present the following Customer References. Please feel free to contact any of these customers for more information. If you are a customer and would like to have your comments shown here, please send your comments to Jeremie Paulin by e-mail at - jeremie@mikronmachinery.com.

Pittsburg State University has been awarded with a brand new M652R Multi-Moulder with Router System, by MIkron. The university will be using this machine in their Wood Technology program, for the 2003-2004 year semesters. Recently the class went on a trip to visit a Mikron customer in the area for some training.

"The trip was great ! We spent a great deal of time at Kerr Millwork. They gave us several suggestions on set-up, and gave us a great demo. Kerr Millwork are very pleased with their machine. They referred to their Mikron as 'A real money maker'. When asked about weak points, the only comment they had to say was, that they did not have enough dust collection to support the power of the cutting. Students and the faculty are greatful to Kerr MIllwork for their excellent training on a Mikron."

Kerr Millwork
Lockwood, Missouri
Tel. (417) 232-4522

"What can one say! Your M645 Molder is one of the best machines that we have owned. We have a small molding machine that would only allow you to run radius or straight, but your machine will allow us to do complete circles, ovals, and almost anything in between. It is like getting out of a small compact car and getting into a BIG luxury SUV.....

My compliments to Jeremie and the crew....I really appreciate the service and technical answers that you have given us.

Thanks again,
Joe & Henry Rogers
Rogers Custom Millwork
Jonesboro, AR
Tel. (870) 933-0057
email: rcm2840@sbcglobal.net

The following photos have been submitted by TriStar, and are displayed with thanks.

Tri Star - Mikron Machinery Tri Star - Mikron Machinery

"When we purchased the Mikron M645, we knew it was a great machine for our company. I then purchased a machine which was supposed to be better. I then spent a lot of time figuring this machine out, but in the end I had to resell it at a loss because the setup time was eating away at too much of my profits.

By far, the Mikron M645, with its ease of set up and quality of workmanship is next to none. Thank you for your support and a great machine."

Cliff Denison

If you would like to speak with Mr. Cliff Denison, you can reach him at:

Cliff Denison
Denison Woodworking
Michigan, USA
Tel. (248) 969-0295

"I recently started a small scale mill shop producing primarily curved and elliptical mouldings. I have been doing fairly well on casings but I have a customer wanting a 12' curved American cherry 4 5/8 crown. I use a Mikron Multi-Moulder for profiling which has a 52 degree tilting cutter head specifically for for this purpose.

The Mikron M652R, with the 7.5 hp motor and router attachment, is one of the best and most versatile machines I have ever seen. I purchased one for doing curved stock and since it showed up the only thing my shaper is used for anymore is collecting dust. Its a little pricy, but with a little imagination its potentials are limitless."

James King
King Products and Services Inc.
Charleston, South Carolina
Tel. (843) 224-7351

"We currently have 45 manufacturing employees in our architectural millwork facility. In our trim department for profiling, we have a 5 head moulder, 2 shapers, 2 router tables and an M645 Multi-Moulder. The M645 which was first purchased for radius "odd" work has now become a vital part of our trim department. It is very user friendly, safe, accurate set-up and the quality it produces is as good as or better than the 5 head moulder. The only thing "odd" about the M645 Multi-Moulder is when it is not running. It is an excellent investment for any size shop."

John Casciato, Production Manager
Allegheny Millwork
104 Commerce Blvd.
Lawrence, PA 15055
Tel. (724) 873-8700, Ext. 250
Fax (724) 873-8888
email: johnc@alleghenymillwork.com

Dave from Straight Cutz Inc. is a very pleased customer. In fact, he's so proud of the MIKRON R200 Rosette Maker that he's willing to to discuss it's great features with anyone, and if you're in the Toronto area, give him a call and he'll be pleased to show you how it works!

Straight Cutz Inc.
1A Head Street
Dundas, ON L9H 3H2
Tel. (905) 628-4800

We at MIKRON Woodworking Machinery would like to extend our appreciation to Tom Fantaccione of The Woodshop for all his excellent work in helping us create our new video. Tom is one of MIKRON's most successful customers with the MIKRON M645 Multi-Moulder. Here is what Tom has to say about the MIKRON M645:

"Overall, I can say that the MIKRON M645 has made a significant difference in the type of job we can tackle now, to the safety of our team and to our bottom line. This multi-moulder paid for itself on our first job and we have been operating it at least 3 days per week for 4 years now! It's the best bang for our buck!"

If you have any questions concerning his success with the MIKRON M645, we're sure Tom won't mind answering them. You can reach him at:

Tom Fantaccione
The Woodshop Inc.
58 Flint Road
S. Toms River, NJ 08757
Tel. (732) 349-8006 • Fax (732) 349-2708

Butch, a proud owner of the MIKRON R200 Rosette Maker is a very satisfied customer. You can reach Butch at:

Baird Brothers Sawmill Inc.
7060 Crory Road
Canfield, OH 44406
Tel. (330) 533-3122 • Fax (330) 533-0781