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Mikron "Barn Door Track System"

The Mikron barn-style door track system allows you to hang a barn-style door in your home. While other tracks offer similar functionality, these systems lack the ability to be adjusted. This can make mounting very difficult when proper blocking has not been planned in advance.

The unique design of the Mikron barn-style door track allows it to overcome this major issue. With fully adjustable mounting points you can attach to the existing studs or any strong mounting point within the track's length. An integrated cam in the wheel mounts allows for simple micro adjustment on the height of the sliding door.

The track is aluminum so it can be cut to length if necessary with basic tools.

Available in a rustic black or aluminium finish, the track will complement your existing décor.

Unique Features

  • With fully adjustable mounting points, this track can be attached to existing studs or any other structural mounting points within the tracks length, making mounting much easier and not requiring any advanced planning of proper blocking.
  • An integrated cam in the wheel mounts allow for simple micro adjustments to door height.

Why The Mikron "Barn Door Track System"?

  • Track hangers are independent from the track, which allows anchoring directly on stud or weight bearing support.
  • Track hanger holes are slotted to allow adjustment up to 1/8’ to achieve proper leveling.
  • Spacers are included to enable adjustment of hangers out from the wall in 1/8” increments up to 7/8”. (standard hanger is ¾”)
  • Door stop can be placed anywhere along the track.
  • Aluminum parts are anodized.
  • Weight limit up to 125lbs per track hanger when lag screws are fastened to studs or equivalent support structure. (A maximum of 24” between track hangers recommended. All 4 track hangers should be used for each full 80” length track system.)
  • Cam in the wheel system allows height to be adjusted 0” to ¼” up or down once door is hung.
  • Standard 80” aluminum track can easily be cut to size, then capped off with included end caps.


  • Track 80” in length (cut to size as required)
  • 4- 1/2”, 1/4”, 1/8” shims (for track hangers if required)
  • 2 adjustable door stops
  • 1 floor dowel 3/8” in diameter
  • 1 wheel adjustment wrench and Allen key
  • 4 independent track hangers with 2pcs ¼”x2½” lag screw per hanger
  • 2 track end caps (optional to install, dependent upon your design)
  • 2 engineered door hangers with bearing wheel assembly 6pcs #10x1 ¼” screws

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