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MIKRON Woodworking Machinery is pleased to present the following photographs for your review. These photographs were shot on location in our customer's plants as well as in our own production facility.

If you would like to have some of your projects shown, please contact Lynn Arbuthnot by e-mail at lynn@mikronmachinery.com

Special thanks to Tri Star for supplying the 2 photographs below.

Tri Star Furniture and Cabinet, Bend, Oregon USA
Tel: (541) 388-4340

Special thanks to Stan and Frank of Quark Industries
for supplying the photograph below.


Special thanks to Russo Woodworking
for supplying the 2 photographs below.


Special thanks to King Products and Services
for supplying the 2 photographs below.


The following photographs from the Mikron library
help illustrate some of the possibilties.

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